The 35 Under 35 Visionary Leaders to Watch-2024

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What are the factors that contribute to the success of a business? This question can be answered from many different perspectives. Nonetheless, when these factors are combined with visionary leadership personalities, wonders can be achieved.

Over the past few decades, pragmatic business leaders have played an increasingly important role in society. It is clear that India is undergoing a revolution, owing to its staunch leadership acumen, which is revolutionizing the business sector in this era of globalization, digitization, and start-up booms.

In today’s world, these innovatively ingenious business leaders do not only come from established families or from higher-income sections of society; they come from all walks of life. Leadership characteristics of business leaders include high motivation and self-direction, as well as a high internal locus of control accompanied by a high level of accolades and honours.

To feature their stories on a globally recognised platform, Insights Success India is on the pursuit to find The 35 Under 35 Visionary Leaders to Watch-2024. Tell us your story and allow us to present it to the world.

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